wtf Project

Heading into our first week of study for our second year at AIE. We started with getting to know everyone.

Then we were thrown into a project from the start with people that was randomly selected. We have two weeks to get a result out, so we have to work efficiently and quickly if we want to get it done. That means using existing free character models and rigs.

We also had to come up with a story from newspaper headlines as a group.

The group consisted of:

Nick – Wolf Animator

Billy – Human Animator

Caitlin – 3d Modeller

Liam – Greybox Designer / 3d Modeller / Texturer

Jin – Texturer / Management

Werner – Test Renderer / Lighter / 3d Modeller

Michelle – 3d Modeller

Shane – Storyboard + Animatics / Compositing / Sound

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