Major Project Prep

Over the past few weeks roles and tasks have been assigned among the group and progress has started. Here are the roles as they stand:

Jin Yun – Producer, pre-vis artist, texture artist
Werner Gradwell – Modeller, character rigger, effects artist, R&D
Joseph Hensen – Layout artist, lighting artist, render wrangler and compositor
William Lawton – Generalist, animator
Callum Lyons – Lead modeller

So far concepts are being drawn up for the setting, enviroment, and most importantly the characters.

Here is a image of the enviroment that Callum has modelled thus far.callumsenv

Given my previous experience from our last project in Houdini I was tasked to research and develop methods to create the effects that we wanted. We were after a cartoon-ish fireball/ cannon ball effect. Here are some examples that I came up with.fireball_fx

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