Major Project Progress 2

Once again our project has had issues and from that major changes. This time we couldn’t achieve the dragon that we were after in the time frame we had, so we compromised and got Josh to model a giant snake as the antagonist instead. Then after animating it in the scene we realized the story we had wasn’t going to work with the snake and the snake was lacking personality and was bring down our piece. This also meant the previous work I did on the fireball effects was also gonna get scraped.

Finally we made the hard call to cut out the snake entirely after trying for so long to make it work. Even though it means a lot of everyone’s work on it has been scraped we feel it is was a step in the right direction.

Due to this we decided to make a story out of the two models that were modelled by Dale, the girl and the luchador. But instead duplicate the luchador and texture him differently to create a red vs blue story line.

Wanting to acheive a finished result by the end of the due date we changed the story as well  to be a slapstick comedy where a girl is playing with her two luchador dolls and imagining them fighting in real life. We feel this story is gonna be a bigger success that our original and achievable with our current progress.

As for what I’ve been doing, I’ve been busy rigging our characters with partial facial blend-shapes for facial expressions. Adding controls and functionality requested by the animator. The rigging experience has been very enjoyable, I have learned a lot about the process and feel a sense of satisfaction that I created decent rigs without any major help even though I had no real experience of rigging a human character for animation purposes. I had to get help from Dean Finnigan (a second year game art teacher specializing in rigging) to create specific controllers for certain facial controls that required scripting to toggle between the blend-shapes.

Although I am happy how the rigs turned out but I would have loved to created corrective blend-shapes for the characters as some posed would break the mesh as skinning doesn’t always deform perfectly. I am running out of time to be able to create the corrective shapes.

Here are some images of the rig controls, blend-shapes and facial controls for the two characters:

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